This module contains a choice of clouds, which can be used either in the RCE simulations or simply for radiative flux or heating rate calculations. Depending on the choice of cloud, a certain set-up of the RRTMG radiation scheme must be used.

In an RCE simulation

Create an instance of a cloud class, e.g. a DirectInputCloud, create an appropriate radiation model, and run an RCE simulation:

>>> import konrad
>>> cloudy_cloud =
>>>     numlevels=..., cloud_fraction=..., lw_optical_thickness=...,
>>>     sw_optical_thickness=...)
>>> rt = konrad.radiation.RRTMG(
>>>     mcica=True, cloud_optical_properties='direct_input')
>>> rce = konrad.RCE(atmosphere=..., cloud=cloudy_cloud, radiation=rt)

Calculating radiative fluxes or heating rates

Create an instance of a cloud class, e.g. a PhysicalCloud, create an appropriate radiation model and run radiative transfer:

>>> import konrad
>>> another_cloud =
>>>     numlevels=..., cloud_fraction=..., mass_ice=..., mass_water=...,
>>>     ice_particle_size=..., droplet_radius=...)
>>> rt = konrad.radiation.RRTMG(
>>>     mcica=True, cloud_optical_properties='liquid_and_ice_clouds')
>>> rt.calc_radiation(atmosphere=..., surface=..., cloud=another_cloud)

get_rectangular_profile(z, value, ztop, depth)

Produce a rectangular profile, an array containing zeros and the value 'value' corresponding to a certain height range.

Cloud(*args, **kwargs)

Base class to define abstract methods for all cloud handlers.

ClearSky(*args, **kwargs)

No cloud.

DirectInputCloud(*args, **kwargs)

To be used with cloud_optical_properties='direct_input' in climt/RRTMG.

PhysicalCloud(*args, **kwargs)

Define a cloud based on physical properties.

HighCloud(*args, **kwargs)

Representation of a high-level cloud.

MidLevelCloud(*args, **kwargs)

Representation of a mid-level cloud.

LowCloud(*args, **kwargs)

Representation of a low-level cloud.

ConceptualCloud(*args, **kwargs)

CloudEnsemble(*args, **kwargs)

Wrapper to combine several clouds into a cloud ensemble.

Cloud optics

Cloud optical properties from ECHAM.


Interface to interpolate cloud optical properties used in ECHAM.