This module defines methods required for a radiation scheme to be used in a radiative-convective simulation and also contains a wrapper for RRTMG.

In an RCE simulation

Create an instance of the RRTMG class, and use it in an RCE simulation:

>>> import konrad
>>> rad = konrad.radiation.RRTMG(...)
>>> rce = konrad.RCE(atmosphere=..., radiation=rad)
>>> rce.run()

Calculating radiative fluxes or heating rates

The radiation scheme can also be used outside of an RCE simulation, to calculate cloudy and clear-sky, longwave and shortwave radiative fluxes and heating rates:

>>> import konrad
>>> rad = konrad.radiation.RRTMG(...)
>>> rad.calc_radiation(atmosphere=...)
>>> longwave_heating_rate = rad['lw_htngrt'][-1]

Radiation(*args, **kwargs)

Abstract base class to define requirements for radiation models.

RRTMG(*args, **kwargs)

RRTMG radiation scheme using the CliMT python wrapper.

fluxes2heating(net_fluxes, pressure[, cp, ...])

Calculate radiative heating from net fluxes