This module contains classes for an upwelling induced cooling term. To include an upwelling, use StratosphericUpwelling, otherwise use NoUpwelling.


Create an instance of the upwelling class, set the upwelling velocity, and use the upwelling in an RCE simulation:

>>> import konrad
>>> stratospheric_upwelling = konrad.upwelling.StratosphericUpwelling(w=...)
>>> rce = konrad.RCE(atmosphere=..., upwelling=stratospheric_upwelling)
>>> rce.run()

Upwelling(*args, **kwargs)

Base class to define abstract methods for all upwelling handlers.

NoUpwelling(*args, **kwargs)

Do not apply a dynamical cooling.

StratosphericUpwelling(*args, **kwargs)

Apply a dynamical cooling, based on a specified upwelling velocity.