Lapse Rate

Contains classes for handling atmospheric temperature lapse rates. These are used by the convection sub-model to set the temperature profile in the troposphere.


Calculate the moist adiabatic lapse rate, for a specified atmospheric temperature profile:

>>> import konrad
>>> lapse = konrad.lapserate.MoistLapseRate()
>>> critical_lapserate = lapse(atmosphere=...)

Apply convection to an unstable atmosphere, updating the atmospheric temperature profile and the surface temperature to follow the critical_lapserate:

>>> convection = konrad.convection.HardAdjustment()
>>> convection.stabilize(
>>>     atmosphere=..., surface=..., lapse=critical_lapserate)

LapseRate(*args, **kwargs)

Base class for all lapse rate handlers.

MoistLapseRate(*args, **kwargs)

Moist adiabatic temperature lapse rate.

FixedLapseRate(*args, **kwargs)

Fixed constant lapse rate through the whole troposphere.

DryLapseRate(*args, **kwargs)

Fixed dry-adiabatic lapse rate through the whole atmosphere.

BoundaryLayer(*args, **kwargs)

Moist-adiabatic lapse rate with a dry boundary layer above the surface.

get_moist_adiabat(p[, p_s, T_s, T_min])

Create a moist-adiabat from a given surface T up to the cold point.