Convection Scheme

This module contains a choice of convective adjustments, which can be used in the RCE simulations.


Create an instance of a convective adjustment class, e.g. the relaxed adjustment class, and use it in an RCE simulation:

>>> import konrad
>>> relaxed_convection=konrad.convection.RelaxedAdjustment()
>>> rce = konrad.RCE(atmosphere=..., convection=relaxed_convection)

Currently there are two convective classes that can be used, HardAdjustment and RelaxedAdjustment, and one class which can be used and does nothing, NonConvective.

energy_difference(T_2, T_1, sst_2, sst_1, ...)

Calculate the energy difference between two atmospheric profiles (2 - 1).

latent_heat_difference(h2o_2, h2o_1)

Calculate the difference in energy from latent heating between two water vapour profiles (2 - 1).

interp_variable(variable, ...)

Find the value of a variable corresponding to where the convective heating equals a certain specified value (lim).

Convection(*args, **kwargs)

Base class to define abstract methods for convection schemes.

NonConvective(*args, **kwargs)

Do not apply convection.

HardAdjustment(*args, **kwargs)

Instantaneous adjustment of temperature profiles

FixedDynamicalHeating(*args, **kwargs)

Adjustment with a fixed convective (dynamical) heating rate.