Wrapper classes

This module contains classes for handling humidity.

FixedVMR(*args, **kwargs)

Keep the water vapor volume mixing ratio constant.

FixedRH(*args, **kwargs)

Preserve the relative humidity profile under temperature changes.

Relative humidity

Different models to describe the vertical relative humidity distribution.

RelativeHumidityModel(*args, **kwargs)

CacheFromAtmosphere(*args, **kwargs)

Calculate and cache relative humidity from initial atmosphere.

HeightConstant(*args, **kwargs)

Fix the relative humidity to a single value throughout the atmosphere.

VerticallyUniform(*args, **kwargs)

Use a single value of relative humidity up to the convective top and then a linearly decreasing value towards the cold point.

ConstantFreezingLevel(*args, **kwargs)

Constant relative humidity up to the freezing level and then decreasing.

FixedUTH(*args, **kwargs)

Idealised model of a fixed C-shaped relative humidity distribution.

CoupledUTH(*args, **kwargs)

Idealised model of a coupled C-shaped relative humidity distribution.

CshapeConstant(*args, **kwargs)

Idealized model of a C-shaped RH profile using a quadratic equation.

CshapeDecrease(*args, **kwargs)

Idealized model of a C-shaped RH profile using a quadratic equation.

Manabe67(*args, **kwargs)

Relative humidity model following Manabe and Wetherald (1967).

Cess76(*args, **kwargs)

Relative humidity model following Cess (1976).

Romps14(*args, **kwargs)

Relative humidity following an invariant RH-T relation.

PolynomialCshapedRH(*args, **kwargs)

PerturbProfile(*args, **kwargs)

Wrapper to add a perturbation to a Relative Humidity profile.

Stratospheric coupling

Coupling mechanisms between tropospheric and stratospheric water vapor.

StratosphereCoupler(*args, **kwargs)

Define the coupling of tropospheric and stratospheric water vapor.

ColdPointCoupling(*args, **kwargs)

Keep stratospheric VMR constant from the cold point on.

NonIncreasing(*args, **kwargs)

Prevent the VMR from increasing with height anywhere in the column.

FixedStratosphericVMR(*args, **kwargs)

Keep stratospheric VMR fixed at a constant value.

MinimumStratosphericVMR(*args, **kwargs)

Prevent stratospheric VMR from decreasing below a fixed minimum value.